Willem de Laat

Willem de Laat has a degree in business administration and has completed various real estate training programmes. He has a great deal of experience in feasibility studies, concept development, financial analyses, process guidance, and public-private cooperation both in Belgium and the Netherlands.

+32 (0)473 81 31 48


Bruno Vanvolsem

Bruno Vanvolsem studied as a commercial engineer and completed a Master of Business Administration at the University of Leuven in Belgium. His strength lies in evaluating business affairs in terms of finance and tax. His real passion is in carrying out in-depth financial analyses.

+32 (0)495 38 69 67


Robert Dackus

As an experienced researcher and concept developer, Robert is a valuable coach for his clients. He approaches the development of real estate concepts and visions from a marketing technical angle. His slogan? Start with why. His goals? To create a cosy life environment for the future. A bridge builder between real estate and marketing.

+31 (0)650 2130 14


Pascale Van Den Eynde

Pascale earned her credentials as a business developer in the area of data management and studied building engineering at the Odissee in Aalst after this professional experience. Characteristic is her commercial drive and her strong operational instinct. Her strongest point is undoubtfully her B2B approach with expertise in the business and love for the real estate development.

+32 (0)476 36 32 00